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Filmmaker, Multi-instrumentalist and Composer originally from New Orleans, LA. The Son of Grammy award winning saxophonist Charles Neville has a philosophy that the camera is just another instrument, and through 

his lighting, color grading, editing and story design, he creates a harmony of cinematic cohesion, that only a musician could achieve. 


Underscoring all of his filmic skill is a deep knowledge of film scoring, so whenever the story calls for it, Khalif composes his own music, tightening the multimedia harmonic resonance of his work to a previously unheard of degree.

All of that 'sounds' pretty cool and complex, but Khalif’s fundamental belief in his work is very simple, “the story always comes first”. So through cinematography, editing, directing, sound design, musical composition, and much more, Khalif strives to tell the most authentic version of the stories that he helps bring to life.


In his own narrative pursuits he racks focus on BIPOC and otherwise marginalized perspectives, that he feels because of his own identity, he can relate to and portray in a respectful, yet powerful way.

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